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Hi. I'm Emily.

If technical stuff if not your thing...

like its your least favorite part of your work

or you don't have the energy to figure it out

or have a vision but don't know where to start

Email me.

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So hello, I'm Emily Nkosi.  I like to go by Em and my last name used to be Niemann... back then I was Big Em.    

I grew up in Texas and played on the 2005 National Championship Basketball Team at Baylor.  I learned a lot from basketball and the people I met through the game.  My career ended rather unexpectedly.  I'm gay and I came out in the USA Today and have appeared in ESPN several times to share my experience as a gay athlete at Baylor.  It's a story that keeps unfolding in terms of how I am channeling all that I learn through these experiences into wisdom and inspired action to make the world a better place, and find some of my own peace along the way.  I recently wrote an article about my journey for  When my mom read it, she said, "It was so long" ... so be warned.   

I am using the discipline I developed through basketball to learn how to integrate technologies into all kinds of endeavors from basketball, to small businesses and non-profit organizations.  And I continue to love being on teams and adore working as a supporting cast member for good point guards (the charismatic leaders of the world on and off the court).  I am fortunate enough to a few a very special point guards in my life.     

Social Media Management, CMS Management, Web Content Development, Websites, Graphic Design, Web Marketing and all things alike have captivated my energies in recent years ... in short, I'm into User Experience Oriented Technology, which to me means utilizing the technologies available to enhance our productivity, sense of connection and, ultimately, find more meaning, inspiration and love in the world.  The greatest successes in digital marketing and engagement technologies have been driven by people who actually have something relevant to say, like Macklemore or UpWorthy, not master mind SEO schemes or quick hit gimmicks.  I like helping people with meaningful things to share and actually share that good stuff with as many people as possible.   

I like finding edges of myself by doing things that are not easy and engaging with people to learn by doing real world stuff.  I am inspired by the process of collaboration, measuring results and making stuff awesome. 

You can email me right here.  I look forward to talking to you!

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