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Wall of Inspirational Ingredients

I get in serious food ruts.  In high school I ate green grapes and chicken salad sandwich on Milton's bread everyday for over a year.  Generally, I have come to learn that I have an out of site out of mind approach to food.  So I made this wall to give me visual inspiration and reminders about nutrient rich ingredients that support emotional health, if I am in a rut or feel stumped...I come here.  And I have been sharing stuff here with my parents so I thought I would go ahead make this live even though is very much a work in progress.  If you have known me for more than the last six months, you know my passion about food and eating well is a new one.  At some point I'll explain more about how and why I have made these changes. 

Why did I make these changes...

In short, I started reading about food and emotional health about six months ago.  At first I felt pulled in too many different directions - everything was more complicated than I cared to sort through intellectually, much less implement in my daily life(with a my picky three year old at that).  But I kept reading and came across material about the addictive nature of white flour and white sugar, which led me to the no white diet.  It was simple and seemingly easier to implement, but doing both at once was too much for me so I decided no white flour.  I felt a shift after about two weeks: less cravings, more energy and my mind was clearer.  I stayed with it and keep reading, watching and talking to people about it.  I found two resources that are now the pillars of my approach to food; The Brain Chemistry Diet and Happiness Diet.  Both are geared towards enhanced mental performance and clarity.  What you see here is a mix of what I found that works for me based on those books, trial and error and my preferences.  I am not a doctor or nutritionist but I do think this is very important and I have found organizing it digitally to benefit me and my family so I have decided to share this while I continue to work on it.  I'd love to hear from you if you have idea or additions you think would make this a better resource on eating for emotional health.