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How many times has a technical problem drained your energy, brought you to a stand still on an important project, or just been exhausting for you?!?  You are not the only one.  And you don't have to keep going through that.  

Whatever it is you do, I'm sure you rock at it.  I'd love to take the tech-related stress off your plate and let you focus on the stuff you love.  Let me tell you how it typically works.  And if you don't find exactly what you are looking for but have some curiosity about working with me, know this is not all I can do, it's just what I do most often.  Shoot me an email with your questions and we can talk more. 

Here's the quick version...

I work by contract as my availability permits.  It is important to me that the people I make a commitment to have access to me so I don't take on more work than I can manage.  I am open to one time consults but find the best results come from working together over time to help people bring themselves and their work to light authentically, powerfully and effectively in a digital environment - which is a process.   I can help you create a website, design a multi-platform social media strategy or really anything that involves the digital culture, eCommerce and web content.  Below are three categories of my work.  

Building A Website

Websites are the new handshakes.  Let's make it a good one.

The first website I built was a project near and dear to my heart, Keys To The Gym.  My team and I spent hours discussing how we wanted a user to feel while on our site.  Like Maya Angelou said, "People will never forget how you made them feel".  As an athlete, I learned that focusing on how I wanted to feel was the best way to get the results I wanted.  Feel is important to me. 

We'll start our conversation here too when I work with you.  I want your site to be a piece of you that showcases the best parts of you and what makes your venture special.  I want you to feel great about saying, "Check out my website!"  

Options and Fees

Two Year Contract : $80 per month* and initial set up fee of $1800

No Contract : $120 per month* and $2500 initial set up 

One-Time Site Build Only : $4000 (to me) + $8-25 monthly for your domain and hosting (directly to the third party service we agree on, I will set up your account but you will pay them directly).  Once it's done you manage it on your own, includes 4 hours of training so that you can do that.

Custom Email Addresses ending in your own URL: Add $50 per email address annually (directly to the third party service I work with, I will set up your account but you will pay them directly) 

What's included in the monthly fee?  I manage your domain and hosting through a third party.  Plus I offer one of hour of support for site updates, maintenance and changes.   

Online Marketing

Let's take the guesswork out of all your social media and make a simple plan.

YouTube channels I work with have a combined total of nearly 300,000 views (as of 6/1/14).  Video is a powerful web media, increasingly preferred over text by users themselves and valued higher by the search engines that deliver the content (which is what SEO is in its simplest form).  Web content is what makes social media useful.  Social media tools are simply the platforms that we all use to share our own and get exposure to others web content.  If you want people to know about you, your business or your cause online, then you have to have web content about it.  The more compelling that content is, the more people will like it, share it and eventually seek it out on their own.  It allows the quality of your work to sell itself.  When people find something they like and seek you out to get it, that's called inbound marketing.  The first contact between a client and a provider is client driven and they already like you.  Compared to older methods of sales calls or letters or ads of any kind, content marketing brings leads to you that are already interested in what you do.  As you can imagine, converting these leads is much easier.  I have helped people create videos or edit videos they already have into a YouTube format.  I can write industry specific blog posts or help you come up with ideas to do so yourself.  Once the content is created I can help you share it.  This is done most effectively with a web content calendar which I can design specifically for your needs.  Content calendars take the guess work out of your social media posting, which can become an exhausting and ineffective time sucker if you don't have a plan.  Here's how I manage social media.

Options and Fees

Bi-Weekly, 1 video every two weeks: $45 per month with a 3 month contract

Monthly, 1 video: $30 per month with a 3 month contract

Per Video:  $35 with no commitment 

Graphic Design

Powerful imagery moves our digital culture in ways that words perviously limited us.

Info-graphics and one-liners with just the right image can dial in a message quickly and with great impact, and best of all, in an easy to share format.  I use Photoshop to create meaningful and memorable pieces.   

If you want me to do some other combination of the above, then we can make a plan.  For general consulting and graphic design work I charge $55 hourly.  If you have a need for something different we can discuss that too. 


I'd seriously consider being paid partly in chocolate chip cookies.

I understand that money is not the only form of energetic value that can be exchanged for my work.  If finances are barrier, I am open to finding creatives ways around that to the extent that I can while preserving my sustainability and responsibilities as a mom.  

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